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Something wrong with SDK 3.2 push

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  • Something wrong with SDK 3.2 push

    So, I was excited to try out the OnBot Java in SDK 3.2..... I pulled in the latest changes from the beta repo, and immediately noticed something odd: the AndroidManifest.xml still says it's v3.1...... I also used the Github web file viewer to confirm this.

    I decided to try it anyway though. After it finished installing on the phone, I opened programming mode and pointed my browser to the IP address.... and it's no different than before. No traces of OnBot Java.

    So, I think it's fairly obvious that something got screwed up in the commit that pushed v3.2....

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    The rest of the new SDK has been pushed out.


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      Originally posted by dmssargent View Post
      The rest of the new SDK has been pushed out.
      Well now I get several compile errors:

      Screenshot from 2017-08-02 22-10-31.png


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        You might need to try rebuilding your project (Build -> Rebuild Project in Android Studio), but with a fresh copy of the SDK, it builds successfully.


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          I just downloaded the beta 3.2 1/2 hour ago. I get the same errors and I tried rebuilding, it didn't help.


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            I am not sure why right now, but the rebuild is actually fully cleaning the project. Try deleting the directories: ftc_app/build, ftc_app/FtcRobotController/build, ftc_app/TeamCode/build, and then resync Gradle.

            If you use Git, you can use the following command instead of manually deleting directories:
            git clean -fdX


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              I deleted the build directories, then went to tools android sync. Still doesn't work.


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                Hi Folks,

                Thanks for catching this error. The problem should be rectified now. I apologize for mishandling this beta release. Thanks again for catching the error. The beta and alpha branches should now have a buildable and runnable version of the project folder. Please let me know if you spot additional issues.