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Expansion hub xt30 reliability

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  • Expansion hub xt30 reliability

    I found an interesting paragraph in the robot wiring guide about xt30 connections reliability (Paragraph at end of post).
    Does anyone know if it is the male or female end that wears out? Or both?
    Should the power connections between two daisy chained Expansion hubs be made semi permanent?
    Will we need to replace the xt30 connectors soldered onto the pc board of the Expansion hub annually to ensure reliable power if we don't follow the advice?

    Related topic - Daisy chaining power. So far all documentation I've seen has the power to the second Expansion hub coming from the first one. In the past we've been told to avoid the voltage drops of daisy chaining modules. Why won't this be a concern with the Expansion Hubs? RE14 e. seems to not limit where power splitters can be used. If we use a Servo Power Module a splitter will already be needed so why not power each Hub from the splitter connected to the battery?

    REV: The REV system uses XT30 style connectors for the power wires. Over the course of a season these connectors will fatigue, and the battery connection will become less reliable. In order to address this, it is recommended that teams zip-tie or otherwise attach an XT30/Anderson PowerPole converter cable to their expansion hub. Once this connector is plugged into the hub, it should be left in place, and the battery should always be disconnected using the Anderson PowerPole connection. This will preserve the XT30 connection and keep the connections reliable throughout the season.