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  • Problems Initializing

    We're unable to start our robot. We can select an OpMode, then when we go to initialize, the "Robot Stopped" message goes away.... and then nothing. We put some telemetry as the very first thing within RunOpMode (including telemetry.update()), and we don't see the telemetry output on the DS. One time in 30 it will actually start. We are able to start a very simple robot (one motor) with the same phones and hub... but our complex robot gets stuck in this initialization hell!

    We have motors, encoders, I2C sensors, and a secondary hub. We've switched out the USB cables a dozen times, checked the connects dozens of times. We switched phones. It seems like the hub just stops talking to the RC (when its hung it appears that there's no message from the voltage sensor). We have not done the latest update on the Rev Hub... is there a reason this might help? Or could this just be a bad Hub?

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    ... I should have mentioned that the same robot was working a couple of weeks ago, and then it started deteriorating... went from hanging half the time to all the time...


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      It would help if you could post your code. Something may be failing when you press init.


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        What is SDK ver?


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          Also when RC is connected with hub do you see correct green blue light sequence on hub ?


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            You need to give us more information: The usual ...

            SDK Versions?
            Hub Version?

            I'll repeat my suggestion from my last post....
            Try running your Opmode without being connected to the robot hardware.
            If the problem persists, it's your program.

            If you are using Modern Robotics sensors, then upgrading the Hub firmware from 1.6 may be helpful.


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              This Saturday we were testing our Autonomous program and faced, what it seems, same problem. We pick Auto program from the list, click on INIT and then nothing, its like frozen, no errors.
              We resorted to restarting Robot Controller phone and then it worked for few times, then it happened again. Restart is a workaround not a fix.
              I just concerned of the situation when at the beginning of actual match we can't say "stop everybody, we need to restart robot"

              As I am typing I thought one thing we need to check is the RC vs DS app versions. Now just I hope this is a reason for it, cause it is easy fix


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                If you are running v3.4 of the software, you should consider updating to the newest version for both the Robot Controller and Driver Station apps (3.6).


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                  Update: we put in a new hub, stripped it down to nothing, added back the servos, added back the motors, and have not yet added back the Rev color sensors and everything is working.

                  We are on the latest version of the SDK and Driver station. Same problem happened with ZTE and Moto phones. We are on hub 1.6.

                  The robot was failing to initialize when the only code there was (in Java) declaring the Servos, Motors and Sensors.

                  (Couldn't run the OpMode without being connected to the hardware, because then it wouldn't find the servos and error out then).