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Battery Rule

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  • Battery Rule

    Are we allowed to have more than one battery on board as long as only one battery is powering the robot?
    Last year our battery was overworked and we had matches so close together that we couldn't return to the pits. We would like to be able to switch to a back-up battery while we're at the field waiting for the next match.

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    Why not have a team member bring a battery to the field in time for the replacement? If you design the robot to have a battery holder you can easily open with a tool (but which holds the battery reliably during a match) you can save a lot of time with swaps.
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      A search for the word "Battery" in Game Manual 1 will answer your question;

      Specifically, read the Inspection Checklist.


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        It depends on what you mean by "on board". Only 1 can be connected to the robot at any given time, but we usually have 2 more charging in the pit.

        If there is no time between matches to return to the pit, we just have a member run back to get one & replace it at while we are lined up for the next match.


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          I believe there is an error in the robot inspection checklist. The checklist claims that <RE03> does not allow for more than one legal battery to be mounted on the bot, however <RE03> says no such thing. Rules are not defined by the checklists. There are several good reasons for wanting to mount more than one legal battery on a bot.


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            Interesting. <RE03> says that the "main power is provided by exactly one (1) battery pack". It doesn't say anything about having a 2nd battery mounted on the robot if it is not connected to supply power at the moment. Sounds like it may be ok.

            But I would get an official answer on the VV Game forum.