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Moto G2 phones with .apk files

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  • Moto G2 phones with .apk files

    Our team is having trouble running .apk flies form MIT App Inventor to our Moto G2 phone for Robot Controller use. We have done a factory reset on the phone, we have set it so that it is able to download apps from other sources than the app store, and we have even tried the ASTRO file manager but nothing is working. The problem is that the file downloads fine onto the phone from App Inventor, but when we try to open it a notification pops up saying that it is unable to open the file. We have tried downloading and opening the file onto another android phone and it was successful, which leads us to believe that it is a problem with the Moto G2. We would appreciate any and all suggestions that you can give to us at this time.
    Thank you for your time,
    #8171 Ranger Bots

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    I don't have a specific answer except to say that I have seen that the Moto phones seem to exhibit a strange delay between files being transfered into the file system, and them appearing on different interfaces.

    eg: If I run an opmode that creates a log file, and then I connect the phone to my PC, the file may not show up to the PC.
    If I rename the file (using a file manager app) or reboot the phone, it invariably shows up and I can transfer it to the PC.

    It sounds like you are seeing the reverse of this delay.

    Purely as a 1 time experiment, you may want to transfer the apk to the phone, and then reboot the phone. Then see if you can open the file.


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      What our team did, is we had to delete the previous .apk file from the computer before downloading it to the computer. Otherwise, there would be a big issue and it would not work. You should also try restarting the phone directly after deleting the file from the phone. To transfer the .apk file to the phone, drag the file to the phone and it should transfer. After that, go to the phone, and go to the file manager. It should show up and be able to be easily downloaded.
      Hope this helps.