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    Just wondering if anyone has used a webcam with the latest SDK? I just tried the Vuforia example in examples and I keep getting an error on startup. It keeps telling me:

    VuforiaException - Vuforia failed to start. phase=PreInit.

    I am using the Logitech C920, which was listed in the calibrations file, and connecting it directly to the phone. Scan shows the camera as Webcam 1 as expected. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I am stumped.

    Team 3763

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    Hi Shishghate,

    I believe the error you are seeing is due to the fact that you need to provide a valid Vuforia Developer key (that you have to get by registering with the Vuforia Developer website) in order to access the Vuforia related functions.

    Also, there is a known issue with using the external USB cameras like the Logitech C920 with the Android smartphones. The Tech Team is working with the GDC to try and establish some guidelines on how to connect an external UVC camera so it will run reliably when connected to an Android phone.

    In the interim, you probably will need to practice/work with the internal camera on the phone until the guidelines are established.



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      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the info. I do have a valid key as it works when I change the code to use the back camera.

      I have tried two different cameras and both fail. Do you know of any other web cams we can use other than that one? We have moved beyond the practice/protoype stage and are starting our build.


      Team 3763 Code Mentor


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        shishghate : can you give us any information about which cameras you tried and what the symptoms of the failure were?


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          I figured it out.

          Tom was correct, it was an invalid key.

          I was using a key from last year which didn't have external camera permissions. Once I regenerated a new key that had the external camera permissions, everything worked as expected.

          I apologize for the false alarm.

          Team 3763 Code Mentor