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OpenCV installation problem

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  • OpenCV installation problem

    I'm trying to learn a little about Vuforia and OpenCV. Got the demo opmode from FTC 3491 working (from their Part 4 video).

    Then added a bit of code to extract an rgb bitmap - (From Part 5 video). That worked fine.

    Then tried to do a bit of OpenCV processing - that is not working. It causes the robot app to crash. I tracked it down to the point where I am trying to create a "Mat" object. The log shows that it is failing in the Mat constructor - trying to call n_Mat(). The comment is that this is the call to the native interface. This is the first constructor for the first OpenCV object I am trying to use.

    So - any suggestions as to what I need to check in setting up OpenCV with Android Studio? Or is there something else I am missing?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Can you check the log files? Do you see something like "UnsatisfiedLinkError"?

    If so, it's possible you haven't initialized OpenCV properly in FtcRobotControllerActivity. Follow the instructions in this .txt file: