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Servo Twitches Without Program

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  • Servo Twitches Without Program

    Hi everyone,

    We have a standard servo configured & plugged into our servo controller, and without any program running, we see that it twitches. When a program runs to initialize that servo, it stops twitching and works fine. All ports except for 5 & 6 cause the servo to twitch. Has anyone else had this problem & can help us out? Thank you so much!!

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    This was a problem with the Rev 2.4 FTC_SDK that was corrected in the beta release 2.61

    This was most noticable if the servo was configured as a CR servo, but it may also be seen with regular servos as a twitch that moves the servo towards one end.

    I'm not sure why it doesn't happen for servo channels 5 & 6. Are these servos configured? Are they being used?
    Can you just assign your servo to one of these channels?


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      Thank you so much, we'll try the beta release and see if that works!

      Ports 5 & 6 are configured and being used for CR servos. The standard servo works in those ports but the CR servos also twitch in ports 1-4.