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Will the Amazon branded Motorola G4 work?

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  • Will the Amazon branded Motorola G4 work?

    I ordered a set of these as they were cheap but I can't seem to get them into developer mode. Does anyone know if that is locked out in the Amazon firmware? If so, what about unlocking the boot loader and loading another Android image? Or should I just return them and shell out the money for the non Amazon version?

    Here is the link

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    Right now this is the best Moto G 4 deal I can find:, so they actually might be cheaper than the Amazon sponsored ones, and they supposedly come with Android 6.0.1.

    When it comes to Amazon version, you should be able to revert it back to the stock Motorola ROM via guidelines in the XDA forum (not sure if this invalidates any warranties, but it most likely does):


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      We also bought the pre-paid version that dmssargent listed, but at our local Best Buy. Same $85(ea) price and they work great. Realize you probably can't return yours at this point, but wanted others to know that the pre-paid version works with no issues, and actually cheaper than the Amazon version.

      Also (for future readers) check out Phil Malone's video on setting up the G4 pre-paid version:
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