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Core Device Interface Module Update

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  • Core Device Interface Module Update

    Just an FYI: I downloaded the new Core Device Discovery tool from Modern Robotics today and found that there is a firmware update available for the Core Device Interface Modules that takes them from version 2.0 to version 2.1. In the release notes it states that version 2.1 has fixes for I2C device stability.

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    Where did you find the release notes? I saw the update to 2.1.2 as of 27-Feb, could however not find release notes...


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      When I plugged the CDIM into the Core Device Discovery tool i went into the CDIM and clicked upgrade. In the drop down menu I selected 2.1 and then in the box below that it lists what changes were made.


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        Ah, thanks, I expected to find any changes documented on their website, apparently not. The app documentation hasn't been updated for a very long time. Did you see any updates for other modules? I didn't see any updates for the servo module, which is the only one I've checked so far.


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          I checked all of our modules and the only one I found an update for was the CDIM.


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            Has anyone tried updating there CDIM yet?
            If so, how did it go?


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              We updated ours, no obvious improvement or degradation. With more details on what was changed, more specific testing could be done but without specifics I'm not sure where to start.


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                We sent an email to Modern Robotics asking if there was a changelog or other information about the update. Here's the reply

                The update does not change I2C response time. With both versions, reading an I2C sensor takes 6 milliseconds using a Windows machine.

                This update is to provide support for sensors that start or stop transmissions differently from the Modern Robotics sensors.

                This is not a one-way upgrade. You can go back to 2.0 just as easily.
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