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Introducing EasyOpenCV by the OpenFTC team!

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  • Introducing EasyOpenCV by the OpenFTC team!

    Finally, a straightforward and easy way to use OpenCV on an FTC robot! Say goodbye to messing with module imports and activity XML modifications! Using the EasyOpenCV API is nearly as easy as using Vuforia; you can go from a stock SDK to running a sample OpenCV-equipped OpMode, with either an internal or external camera, in just a few minutes. Also, your APK size is not bloated with the 10MB native library, because it's loaded dynamically from the internal storage!
    Please see the readme on the GitHub repository for installation instructions and sample programs.

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    4634 Programmer thanks for sharing, we had good luck with Wizard.exe's DogeCV last season, but we can always improve.
    Michael P Clark
    Founding Mentor, FTC 9958
    "We're Hooked on FIRST"


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      v1.1 has been released!
      • SDK v5.1 or higher now required
      • Add support for stream preview on Driver Station
      • Fix bug where internal camera was not correctly released
      • Fix bug where a null pipeline caused a crash
      • API change: user pipelines now need to extends OpenCvPipeline instead of implements OpenCvPipeline
      • Add ability for user pipeline to override onViewportTapped() to be notified if the user taps the viewport
      • Add PipelineStageSwitchingExample to show how to use onViewportTapped() to change which stage of your pipeline is drawn to the viewport for debugging purposes. It also shows how to get data from your pipeline to your OpMode. Here's a video of the stage switchable pipeline in action.
      To upgrade, simply change the line in your gradle file to:
      implementation 'org.openftc:easyopencv:1.1'