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Samsung S5 Shuts Down when Tensorflow with Webcam Initializes...sometimes

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  • Samsung S5 Shuts Down when Tensorflow with Webcam Initializes...sometimes

    Samsung S5 phones for Driver Station and Robot Controller
    Webcam: Logitech C270 HD
    Our code is not really any different than the example code provided on the FTC app.

    The first time Tensorflow initializes, it is fine. The camera works, the stone recognizes where it is at, everything is good. Often the next time is good too. Usually around the third for fourth trial is where we see the Robot Controller phone restarts when we try to initialize the program. From adding telemetry to the code, it appears to crash during the initialization of Vuforia (initVuforia()) or during the initTfod() method.

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    We have the same issue, but we're using OpenCV. We had this issue last season as well, and we figured out some workaround, but I forgot what it was. The robot controller phone restarts every 4th run without a push, right?


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      This is a known bug in the SDK. You can pile onto the bug report if you'd like.


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        The workaround is to unplug and replug the OTG cable after every third run.


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          Oh yeah, that's what it was. Duh. Thanks!