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Laying method of patterned wall tiles

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  • Laying method of patterned wall tiles

    Openwork glass brick openwork glass brick makes more changes to tiles, using this block of glass brick can directly build a wall, become a translucent compartment and increase the bathroom interest.

    The bathroom with LED light bulb wall can also be very beautiful. The brick with LED light bulb makes the tile have a new definition. The light comes out through the hollow glass, feeling as if you are in a kaleidoscope.

    Mosaic pattern is a mosaic pattern made of small patterned wall tiles. Whether it is a flower or a landscape, the pattern that emphasizes the visual sense can make the bathroom refreshing.

    The different collocation of tiles is also a good way to jump away from the tradition. For example, in the steep ladder with veneer, tiles are used for decoration, or in the simple and elegant column, tiles are used to match the pattern field with texture, which can make the space produce different aesthetic feeling.

    White + blue white produces a bright and white feeling, which can bring light into the gloomy and gloomy interior to make up for the lack of space. The blue leisure like water and the calm cool breath mix the two color systems, especially suitable for the bathroom space with narrow space.

    Orange + Green warm orange and peaceful green make people feel as if they can smell the fresh feeling of the fresh grass and the hot sunshine outside the house, and blend a kind of strolling in the garden with green shade and comfortable body and mind.

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