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second REV expansion hub not recognized when robot controller 5.4 is used.

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  • second REV expansion hub not recognized when robot controller 5.4 is used.

    We have been using two expansion hubs using the Robot Controller App at : However when we upgraded the Robot Controller App to the second expansion hub is not recognized any more.

    Here are some of the steps we already tried:
    1) Reboot App, Start with a new configuration etc.
    2) Instructions at on how to use two expansion hubs.

    We reverted to the old ftc_app code and it started recognizing the second expansion hub again. Any suggestions on how to use the second expansion hub while using 5.4 version of the code?

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    I have been using 5.4 with 2 ExHs since the day it came out with no issues at, and I know several other people who are running 5.4 with 2 ExHs with no problems either.

    Can you provide some more details? E.g. what are your RS485 address? What RC phone?


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      We are running 5.4 with 2 Ex hubs, no issues, in fact it is MUCH more stable than 5.3. And it fixes RTP, which was broken in 5.3. (we only use RTP on an extension arm and lift arm, but now it actually works like it should!)


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        Thank you for your response. We will give it another try this weekend :
        4634 Programmer Its a Motorola phone and I don't think it is a connection issue as reverting to 5.0 fixed the issue (with the same connections and cables). There is a possibility that I might need to upgrade firmware on thew expansion hub. Will update if we are able to make it work.

        I am happy to know that its working for you - so should work for us with some troubleshooting.