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Programming HS-785 HB servo

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  • Programming HS-785 HB servo

    We are trying to use HS-785 HB servo for our linear slide system. We use REV expansion hub and it trying to control the servo it by setting different values for positions..Its configured as a regular servo in the robot configuration.

    When we set it to 0 - we see that the motor moves a bit and stays on in that position - however feels like the motor is on (we can feel the vibration) even when we don't change position any more. I tried setting to .01 and see it move a bit too. . What are the allowed values? between 0 and 1? what is the expected behavior for different values? Its a multi-rotation servo.

    During initialization - should we set the value to 0? Then we need way to prevent a way to stop the move when we set it to 0.

    I tried a google search and did not find much info on it - if you have experience using it and got some sample Java code please share with us.

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    Rev claims their servo range is 500 - 2500 microseconds, so the servo might try to operate as a CR servo at one or both extreme end values sent (0, 1). Disconnect the servo, put a mark or flag on the horn, experiment sending different values. Find the biggest and smallest numbers that don't put it in CR mode.

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    Another thing to check, are you exceeding the max torque that the servo can do? The servo will twitch trying to move.