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Mouse Odometry

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    If I remember correctly, the use of an optical mouse was ruled illegal in the past because it uses a light source and an accumulating lens.


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      You need to ask in the official Q&A forum to get a real answer to if it is legal or not.

      Anything anybody says here is that person's interpretation of the rules and past Q&A answers, but is not an official answer.

      My guess is that no mouse will be allowed.

      When you post to the official forum - be specific in your examples & questions. Yes/No type questions are best, even if that leads to a number of questions.

      If you have a track ball that is UVC compatible - put a link to that device and ask if that would be legal as a UVC compatible device.

      If you know how to connect a mouse thru the REV hub (i.e. thru an i2c port) then describe the parts involved with specific models given and how they would be connected.