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Introducing the REV Hardware Client

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  • Introducing the REV Hardware Client

    Our software team has been hard at work developing a new piece of software to make the process of managing and updating REV Control System components easier than ever. Today we are launching the REV Hardware Client.

    Feature Summary
    • Automatically detect supported devices when connected via USB
    • Connect a REV Control Hub via WiFi
    • One Click update of all software on connected devices
    • Pre-download software updates without a connected device
    • Back up and restore user data from Control Hub
    • Install and switch between DS and RC applications on Android Devices
    • Access the Robot Control Console on the Control Hub
    • Auto-update to latest version of the REV Hardware Client
    • Display devices connected via RS485
    Supported Devices
    • REV Control Hub (REV-31-1595)
    • REV Expansion Hub (REV-31-1153)
    • Android Device via ADB

    Video of the Client in action:

    REV Hardware Client User's Manual:

    Download the Client here: