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Issue with v6.1 of the FTC Robot Controller software

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  • Issue with v6.1 of the FTC Robot Controller software

    Issue with v6.1 of the FTC Robot Controller software
    There is a known issue where the v6.1 Robot Controller app will cause certain Android phones to crash/reboot when it is connected to another Android device that is running the FTC Driver Station app. The problem is related to a 2.4GHz warning message that appears if a user has phones that supports 5GHz channels but is not explicitly using a 5GHz channel.

    This problem causes Motorola E5 phones (and possibly other Motorola phones) to reboot when the Driver Station phone connects to the Robot Controller phone. It only happens if this 2.4GHz warning is enabled.

    The FTC Technology Team has identified the cause of the issue and will eventually release of fix that will address the problem. In the interim, teams who are experiencing this problem should disable the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Warning on the Robot Controller. When you attempt the following steps, please make sure that the Driver Station is turned off (so that the Robot Controller will not reboot).

    Here are the steps to disable the 2.4GHz warning:

    Step 1: Select Settings from the Robot Controller menu.


    Step 2: Select Advanced Settings from the menu.


    Step 3: Disable the 2.4GHz warning and then use the back arrows to return to the main Robot Controller screen.