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Allowed Electronics in Future Seasons

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  • Allowed Electronics in Future Seasons

    We've been pretty happy using two Rev Expansion Hubs and two Moto G4 Play phones, and see no need to switch to the Control Hub, or to replace the phones. Does anyone (perhaps someone on the FTC tech team) know:

    1. Will FTC mandate the use of the Control Hub in the next season or two?
    2. Will the Moto G4 remain legal over the next couple of seasons?


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    jkenney I am unable to give a definitive answer, but here is my opinion on the matter:

    1. Regarding mandating the use of the Control Hub - at the moment, there isn't a desire to force teams to use the Control Hubs. It is likely that teams will continue to be allowed to use the phone + Expansion Hub combo for a while (multiple seasons).
    2. Regarding the legality of the Moto G4, as long as there aren't any sudden/unexpected technical issues preventing the use of the G4, I anticipate that it will be allowed for at least the next season or two.

    Longer term (after two or three seasons or more) I anticipate that FIRST will re-evaluate the use of Android phones within the competition, but for at least the next two seasons (and possibly more), I don't think there will be a desire to prohibit the use of the phones.

    I hope this helps.