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Can my team us an extra Control Hub as an Expansion Hub to add more DC motors

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  • FTC18861
    That is a bummer. I was hoping we didn't have to buy anything else. Thanks for your help!

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  • NoahAndrews
    A Control Hub cannot be connected to another Control Hub like an Expansion Hub would be. To add more motors, you can use an Expansion Hub, or (if you don't need encoder feedback) SPARKmini motor controllers (which hook up to servo ports).

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  • Can my team us an extra Control Hub as an Expansion Hub to add more DC motors

    My team would like to use more DC motors than we have ports on our Control Hub. They read about using an Expansion Hub to do this and have tried it with an extra Control Hub instead since we don't have an Expansion Hub (we do have an extra Control Hub). They followed all the directions to connect the two hubs with cables and configured both hubs on their phone (

    They added the code to their OnBot Java program to work this new motor connected to the second Control Hub, but are getting an error that the new motor is not recognized.

    I have two questions:
    1. Can they use two Control Hubs together instead of a Control Hub and an Expansion Hub to run extra DC motors?
    2. If yes, do they need to do something different in their program (like change hardware mapping to the new hub) to run this new motor?

    I appreciate any help! My students have been working really hard to fix this on their own, but are getting frustrated after hitting this wall. I have researched the solution and don't know how to help them either.