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FMLTC - FIRST Machine Learning Toolchain

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  • FMLTC - FIRST Machine Learning Toolchain

    Is anyone using the fmltc toolkit? If yes, what is the URL to access the site? URL is not listed in the docs on git. Thank you in advance

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    I may have not read the setup docs completely. I was just going off of usage guide. :-(

    Looks like we need to set up and configure google cloud env before using the tool kit. Hoping I have this right. Please let me know if this is not the case.


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      As of now FIRST is hosting an instance of FMTLC called FTC-ML (FIRST Tech Challenge Machine Learning). Unfortunately it is currently in beta and the deadline for beta has already passed. The most optimistic date for FTC-ML to be opened to all teams is sometime after Thanksgiving. If you wish to you may attempt to self host an instance of FMLTC. Be warned this can be non-trivial and requires Google Cloud credits. Google does provide a 3 month free trial with 300$ of credits, which is more than enough to create TensorFlow models for FTC. This should be sufficient for your use but your mileage may vary. Do remember that you would be creating this instance at your own risk.


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        Thank you ddiaz! I was able to install and get the site up on google cloud. Points you raised are spot on and it is all self managed and there is cost that needs to be managed actively.

        For those who want to try use a macbook and follow the instructions. Started with windows and it was painful; switched to mac after. Please shutdown your instance after you use.


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          Does anyone know which efficientdet model is used as the base for training a custom model for blocks?


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            Just placing these new links here, for anyone searching/finding this thread based on its title.

            Announced Dec. 1, 2021, FTC Machine Learning toolchain now open to all teams:

            User Manual:

            jbeath Section 6.3 in the User Manual may address your question above.