Is there any document on Vuforia Blocks API? I have reviewed the FTC sample but would like to have just a little better understanding of the initialization parameters. Also, didn't see anything related to specifying the License Key in the sample. I have zero knowledge on Vuforia but dabbled with TFOD a little bit. While detailed knowledge of Vuforia is immaterial in using the sample Blocks as the proverbial black-box, it would be helpful to know just a little beneath the covers for robot design purposes (especially camera placement).

I need API documentation only; not references to 3rd party training on Vuforia that seems to abound during my nominal searches.

I understand that the sample works but in the interests of training our rookie team on detection AND classification (with TFOD), it would be helpful to have convenient access to API documentation (or whatever FTC offers as further lab exercises). Thanks for your guidance.

Kind regards,
--- baqwas.