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  • One touch autonomous.

    We are a first year team, and we have one member that has done FTC before, but hasn't ever worked with one touch autonomous. We were told at our first meet by the referee that our program had to start on initialization, and at our 3rd meet that it had to start on start, which would make it a two touch autonomous, which is how it use to be done. Can someone help to clarify how we need to start our autonomous programs.

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    From Game Manual 2 (excerpts, lots have been left out, need to read left out parts to see when exactly init happens in setup)
    4.5.1 Pre-Match
    2.d.iii Press the Driver Station “Init” button

    3) Once the referees signal that set-up is complete:

    b: Drive Teams may not touch their Driver Stations or controllers until the Autonomous Period has ended. Exceptions to this include using the Driver Station to start their Autonomous program

    4.5.2 Autonomous Period
    Following a countdown by field personnel, the Autonomous Period begins. Drive Teams may issue a Robot start command with their Driver Station Android device to run the Autonomous Op Mode that was initialized during Pre-Match setup.