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Distance sensors detecting the polycarbonate walls

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  • Distance sensors detecting the polycarbonate walls

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has tested the REV robotics 2m distance sensor (link) on the polycarbonate walls that surround the field. From what I have read it shouldn't be possible to detect the walls because the sensor that REV uses is the VL53L0X which uses light with a wavelength of 940nm and polycarbonate is nearly transparent at that wavelength. But I thought I would ask anyway because the ultrasonic sensors that we are using right now are too unreliable for our application and we need a more reliable solution. If the REV sensors don't work is there another kind of distance sensor that might be a little more reliable while being able to detect the walls.


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    Yeah, the 2M distance sensor does not work well for the walls.
    I'd suggest looking at the MaxBotix MB1242 sensor, I had great success with it.