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Delay between 'Press Start" and Robot Action in Auto

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  • Delay between 'Press Start" and Robot Action in Auto

    I'm having an odd experience this year. Using Control Hub/ Expansion Hub on robot and Driver Hub as driver station. Simple auto program (drive forward for 1 sec). Do have motors, servos, and webcam initialized in the init portion of the code. Telemetry 'press to start' after on initialization code executed is displayed on driver hub. All appearances system ready to start. Press start, timer starts counts down. Robot moves after about 2 seconds. No other activity in code between 'wait for start' and 'while opcode active'. only one timer reset, command drive, command stop in main loop. Seems very strange that the start of robot activity would be so delayed. I've never seen this much delay.

    Any Ideas????

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    There is a small detail about FTC timers that is sometimes overlooked. Can you post your code?


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      The basic code...
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        Would help to see 2 more things:

        - all INIT code, including the initialization of "Drive Timer"
        - full contents of Function "Drive", including any subfunctions