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One Encoder Running Slower

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  • One Encoder Running Slower

    So I've finally figured out how to run using encoders as well as why my autonomous wasn't working. Now however one motor is running slower than the other. They are both set to the same power and target position, but when it runs one motor goes all the way to the target position while the other only gets to about half of the distance by the time the other is done. Does anyone know any ways to fix this? Thanks.

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    Are they all properly set in the robot configuration?


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      Yes. Also, to clarify a bit its using AndyMarkk NeveRest 40 motors.


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        Troubleshooting usually involves breaking the problem down into simpler parts.
        Write a test program running one motor for one rotation and display the encoder value using telemetry. (Infinite loop with telemetry after isbusy is done.)
        Repeat with each wheel.
        Prop the robot on a box wheels in the air and put a piece of tape on the wheels as a flag.
        Does the motor turn the expected number of turns?
        Does it run forever?
        Is the encoder count right?

        If it all works correctly above, then it pretty much has to be a flaw in the complicated program.
        Break the program down to run just one part at a time to see which part breaks.

        Most of the time my team has had one wheel faster than the other was due to no encoder signal to one motor. Controller doesn't think the wheel is turning so it applies full power. If isBusy is looking at good motor that motor stops at correct count, other wheel has gone farther. You say fast wheel goes correct distance. "anding" isbusy stops at working encoder count, "or" isbusy would run forever. How did you determine fast wheel goes correct distance?

        Do you have any 20's? Is one accidentally on the bot? (Would negate need for reverse direction)


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          We had similar problems.
          If you are using MR controllers, make sure they are all running the same/latest firmware
          Mark Hancock
          Tigard Team Mentor