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    I'm just starting to look at Road Runner and while I have installed and I can invoke the Road Runner 'editor' in Android Studio I have no idea what to do with it then. Is there the 'dummy's guide to Road Runner' anywhere? I've seen some videos on YouTube that don't seem to be using the editor and I have the code for a team using Road Runner via nothing but code. Very lost and I'm not even sure I have it installed correctly.

    FWIW, our team is using a straight tank drive but hope to get mecanum for next year. My offseason task is to figure out a better way for autonomous programming (not that we did poorly on it this year but there's always a better way).

    I write commercial software for a living. Seems like it shouldn't this hard to find information....

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    One of our team members is supposedly working on some tutorial videos and documentation for it. I'll see if I can get you some more information. Otherwise, I know the developers and others help out a lot on Discord in the programming help channel.


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      My daughter is in process of working with RR. As Mreese says, suggest you get on discord, lots of very bright guys on there willing to help others.

      However, going straight from tank drive to RR will be a big learning curve. Road Runner is a system, not a programming method. If you haven't perfected Mecanum drive and concepts, I highly suggest you get it working well first before even thinking about RR. And please keep in mind that RR and some of the other cartesian coordinate approaches (like Pure Pursuit) really depend on a good 2-axis, 3 point odometry system to work well. It has taken some teams a year to perfect their odometry approach. THere are some that get RR working on just leveraging existing motor encoders, but the results are very poor. In other words, it works for demo purposes, but not for competition.


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        Yeah, he said Discord it's the only place for help right now. His work is going show because of school work.


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          We've managed to get some of the code-based things working with our tank drive. The graphical utility doesn't seem to work so I guess we'll just wait for a new version.