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Book (FREE PDF or paperback at Amazon) - Learn Java for FTC

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  • Book (FREE PDF or paperback at Amazon) - Learn Java for FTC

    You can download the PDF of the book for FREE at:

    If you would prefer a paper copy, you can buy a bound paperback copy at Amazon:

    Please give me comments (on the GitHub site) about things that can be improved. Any time I upload changes, Amazon will print from those changes within 72 hours (and typically within 24) and obviously the soft copy gets updated immediately.

    I hope this is helpful to other teams as well!

    Coach FTC #16072, Quantum Quacks

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    I took a look through your book and like it. I am a C# developer by trade and have been learning Java via teaching a couple kids to program for the robot. The one area I would suggest improvement is in the area of state machines.

    I would love to work with you to show how I would improve the state machine implementation. In short, it follows the original pattern much closer in that each state is represented by a class that will signal changing to the next state when it has reached its desired state.


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      ftcsachse0 - I would love to work with you. On my team, we actually do that where every "Action" has a "run" method that returns true when it is done. Here is a list of the actions we had for Skystone:

      I would appreciate suggestions for how to simply explain it.



      P.S. As you might guess, I am an embedded developer by trade and my only Java has been mentoring FRC and now FTC.


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        ftcsachse0 - PM me your e-mail and we'll continue the conversation there.