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Limiting Git merge to designated users

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  • Limiting Git merge to designated users


    This topic is a Git question that some of you may have already addressed. I feel that requesting advice from this community (with common dev goals) would be more focused than seeking help from the prolific wider Git communities.

    Having glanced through some introductory documentation, tutorials and videos, I (coach) would like to leverage Git as much as practical as I help our team to migrate to Android Studio. So far, I have done the following:
    • Forked the FTC repository to use as a remote repository by the team
    • Created a branch for the coach (myself)
    • Tested my branch for successful builds after added several different new Op Modes
    • Feel that it is better to have primary branches for each Dev team member
      • Each member is working on an assigned feature:
        • Drivetrain
        • Tower
        • Arm
        • Carousel
        • Some "library" style classes for common use (myself)
      • Feature based branches may not be important since member:feature relationships are unique
      • Within the primary branch for each member, it is the individual's call on using further branches for versioning if one wishes to
    Next steps (know what to here too):
    • Allow the four Dev (Youth Members) programmers to create their respective branches
      • Each working on one facet of the solution which basically does not require overlapping code
      • Programming conventions, usage, etc. adapted from Ftc and related publications
    • Allow each Dev member to perform their own commit and tests
      • Evaluating Git Workflow Actions but probably for this season will limit ourselves to manual/interactive operations here
    I would like to leave the remote repository (under my account) as public. My question is (main question! Sorry it so long!!):
    • How I limit the merge operation privileges to my account only?
      • I do have RSA keys for use with Git but I do not believe that I have used any key explicitly (pardon the ignorance here)

    Kind regards.

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    I'm pretty sure you want to set up "protected branches" so you can require reviews before a merge or allow only specific people to work on a particular branch.
    Here's the git documentation:


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      Hello DetroitMentor, yes, I found the link after my post (poor search practice on my part earlier). Thanks all the same for the reassurance on the right path. I'm documenting the steps first and then I'll embark on test the steps. Your feedback definitely helps.

      Kind regards.