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Reconciling v7.1 Driver Station with v7.0 FtcRobotController

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  • Reconciling v7.1 Driver Station with v7.0 FtcRobotController

    At our first in-person scrimmage this season (Arkansas), they graciously provided robot inspection dry runs. They noted that our driver station (Android moto phone) was version 7.1 and that our robot controller was version 7.0, and that these must match (for any tournament we enter). A month or so ago I had simply updated the driver station phone to the latest version using the REV Hardware Client, and it installed version 7.1. We use Android Studio/Java on a Windows box.

    So, I thought to resolve this issue, I would go grab version 7.1 of the FtcRobotController. However, I'm not seeing anything beyond version 7.0 on github.

    Now I am thinking the proper path forward is to use REV Hardware Client to revert the driver station phone back to version 7.0.

    Advice anyone?

    Ed Holder - Software mentor - FTC 7842 - Browncoats - Huntsville, Alabama

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    I may be mistaken on the driver station version. It may be version 7.0.1 (I don't have the phone with me at the moment). If so, then this is probably not an issue. According to Q&A Q176, the third digit in the version number can vary. It is just the major and minor versions that must match.


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      I see that Version 7.1 was just released 2 days, so this may be moot, but... We had the same issue during inspection.

      There was a version 7.0.1 of the driver station, specifically for an issue with Moto G phones in combination of an older Android version. For all others, it was suggested to use driver station 7.0. We did revert back on the driver station so they matched & didn't get questioned at our next inspection. We really didn't notice a different in how they worked though.