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  • stuck in stop()

    At our league competition over the weekend, a team using OnBot blocks would get the error "stuck in stop()" whenever they stop their program. I'm not familiar with the blocks but I did look it over and saw nothing obvious. Thoughts?

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    There are several ways this can happen. The most common is a Repeat loop that doesn't check isStopRequested or isOpModeActive. Often the problem can be corrected by replacing the existing loop condition with an AND or an OR (depending on whether a Repeat While or a Repeat Until is being used). One of the conditions in the AND or OR is the previous condition and the other is isStopRequested or Not isStopRequested (again depending on whether a Repeat While or a Repeat Until is being used). I'm working on a video on this subject. I hope to have something to post next week.


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      Yes, I did check this and the code looked correct. I am trying to get a copy of their code for closer examination.


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        I have posted a new video on YouTube titled "Ensuring Your Robot Will Stop During Autonomous Period Using Blocks Programming
        (Helping your robot pass inspection and behave correctly on the field.)" You will find the video at