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IMU help needed

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  • IMU help needed

    We are just beginning to attempt to use the IMU. We created a new opMode using the sample "SensorIMU". we ran it and init cause a "fatal error".
    It said "imuAsBNO055IMU is not defined". Any suggestions?

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    Two possibilities come to mind:
    (1) You haven't created a config file yet. You'll need to use the Configure Robot menu item on your Robot Controller phone. Use New and then Scan. If it finds your REV it will automatically create a sensor called "imu" under Expansion Hub Portal 1, Expansion Hub 2, I2C Bus 0. Check to see that it has done so. Add your motors, etc. to the config file. See for more information.
    (2) You have a config file with the needed information but it is not currently active. Use Configure Robot, Activate to activate a config file that includes the imu.


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      We made a new config file and the program worked as advertised. The config file we were using had a color/range sensor in I2C bus 0.
      Thank you, Bruce. You have made our team very happy with your videos and advice.