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    Is there a working offline editor for blocks? I haven't found any examples of its use from searches. I tried to install it via the link when programming the robot controller, but that didn't seem to work. I did save the block files to my computer, but there's no way to open them.

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    Yes, activate a config file on your Robot Controller phone and then connect to your phone and use your browser to navigate to the main Blocks screen. Click on "Download Offline Blocks Editor". This will download a ZIP file to your computer. Extract all the files in the ZIP file. Open the index.html file using your browser. You are not editing offline. You do not need to connected to your robot controller phone to edit offline.


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      Is there any "official" documentation for this offline editor?
      How to manage files - save to (local PC) file/open from (local PC) file/download from robot controller phone/upload to robot controller phone - using the offline editor?


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        I don't think there is any official documentation for the offline blocks editor yet.


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          I will try to work on this.


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            I have posted


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              Here's the actual link


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                Many thanks!


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                  How would one go about creating and modifying the Robot Configuration for offline editing without access to the phone or hubs?


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                    Originally posted by dwfunk4475 View Post
                    How would one go about creating and modifying the Robot Configuration for offline editing without access to the phone or hubs?
                    Like the live version of FTC Blocks, the Offline version contains only the commands needed for the current robot configuration. A typical (single) config file is a much smaller list than every possible FTC device, each requiring its own Blocks code.

                    In other words, the config is integrated directly into the downloaded Blocks software, and isn't designed to be edited or expanded.

                    Suggestion for the future: make a config file containing every motor, servo and sensor that your team owns. With this as the Active Configuration, download the Offline Blocks software. Share that zip file with team members for remote programming; they will have all Blocks commands needed.


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                      As a newbie (and constantly worried about losing my work), I want to leverage the Offline Editor. There are a few personal reasons too like not wanting to hover over a programmer's shoulders during work (especially with my short eyesight).

                      Unfortunately, I have not seen any recommendations or discussions on best practices in documenting one's work. While saving an image of a Block that spans several pages depends on the good graces of the "word processing" application that one is limited to, the ability to perform minor edits (especially comments) for programmers to read (in context) is invaluable in my simplistic approach.

                      Why isn't there much discussion on this aspect (backup and restore) of Blocks programming? Are the majority of the teams on Object Java or Android Studio where the tool-sets are more advanced? Would love to hear your thoughts so that our team can align accordingly. Thanks.

                      Kind regards.