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CR Servo behaving like a regular servo

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  • FTC7253
    Our Rev servo programmer had the switch backwards. When we set it to CR, it would be standard and vice versa.

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  • schaferbw
    I've never programmed a continuous servo but you might try setting the position rather than setting the power. Because you have configured it as a CR servo, a position of 0.5 should be interpreted as stop, 0.55 as forward and 0.45 as reverse. So, you'll need to do some math on the value of the RightStickY.

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  • 3805Mentor
    The REV servo comes as a regular servo. It has to be reprogrammed with a Servo programmer purchased separately to make it a CR servo.

    From the REV site:


    Out of the box, the SRS operates like a standard 180

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  • FTC0273
    started a topic CR Servo behaving like a regular servo

    CR Servo behaving like a regular servo

    We are trying to use a CR servo to intake a stone on the field.
    We have the config file to:
    a) the correct port
    b) set as a CR servo (does it matter if it's labeled REV or not REV [because there is only a generic CR option])

    We are using blocks programing and we watched a video from the Wizards.exe explaining how to program with the right or left stick y button (no init commands). Set up our code but then when we tested it and engaged the rightsticky it only rotated a few degrees but definitely NOT continuously. Also, when you let go of the rightsticky it goes back to its original start position.

    We are confounded as to why this REV CR servo is behaving more like a regular servo with limited degrees of rotation. It also does not make a difference if we change our controlling buttons to on/off functioning ones either (ie. X + B)
    I have attached the line of code here - if you need to see it all, I can attach more.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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