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  • Rotation Angle Telemetry

    Veteran team with no programmers looking for some help. All we want to do is display the rotation angle on the DS so we can see how close to straight our bot is getting in autonomous. We know it is a telemetry call but not sure which call, which text and which text to use. Thanks.

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    The Utilities -> Telemetry category of the blocks toolbox has the blocks you need to show stuff on the driver station.

    For rotation angle, I think you need to use the IMU. The blocks for the IMU are in the Sensors -> IMU-BNO055 category. There's a purple block labeled imu.getAngularOrientation. That returns an Orientation object, which you should save in a variable. To get the individual angles from the Orientation object variable, use the blocks from the Utilities -> Orientation category.

    You can see an example of this in the SensorIMU blocks sample.


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      Oh, I forgot to mention, you have to intitialize the IMU. That's in the sample.


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        Thx Comrade. I will have them try that and see what happens and if there are any issues that need further resolution. Cheers.