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Multiple Webcam Initialization

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  • Multiple Webcam Initialization

    We are using Vuforia with multiple cameras on our robot to track its position on the field. One of the two cameras is mounted on the front of the robot and the 2nd camera is mounted on the side of the robot, 90

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    Sorry.... not sure what happened to the rest of that post. Not much of a question as it was originally posted!
    The two cameras are mounted 90


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      Posts seem to be truncated. What am I doing wrong?


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        We're you using a degree symbol or such after 90?


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          That was probably it. Thank you!!


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            I hope this is about having two cameras pointing in different directions. The sample blocks code activates the switchable cameras only once, and this is where you put the position of the cameras. How do you have switchable camera's each in a different position. The direction would be easy to adjust in code, but that defeats the purpose of defining the camera's position and direction in the first place.