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Can update Control Hub's RC app from DS phone

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  • Can update Control Hub's RC app from DS phone

    Teams might arrive at tournaments with a Control Hub needing an update to its RC app. This might be discovered at Inspection, or urgent issues could arise due to a version mismatch with the DS phone.

    To update the Control Hub's FTC app, the official FTC instructions are here:

    The screenshots there are from a laptop, which at a tournament might not be readily available or lacks internet access (no cellular data).

    Fortunately all of the steps can be performed from the paired DS phone.

    Temporarily connect the DS phone to the internet. Navigate to the github link provided in Step 1 of the instructions above, and download the RC .apk file (to the DS phone's Downloads folder).

    Disconnect from the internet (Forget network), and turn on Airplane Mode and Wifi again.

    Note: This would be a good time to also remove any Google accounts, and clear any remembered Wifi Direct connections and groups (in Android Settings).

    Open the DS app, pair with the Control Hub. Touch the menu (3 dots), Program & Manage. Touch the 3 stripes at top right, choose Manage.

    This is the same Manage page shown in the instructions. Scroll down, select and install the newer version of the RC app.

    The FTC apps will disconnect briefly, but should reconnect automatically. Verify the update with Self Inspect. Good to go!

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    There is also a chance that volunteer staff at the event may have the most up to date version of the RC application.
    You can transfer the file to the Driver Station with an OTG cable and a USB Flash Drive. No internet required.


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      Hello! I tried updating the Control Hub RC app from the DS phone but it didn't work. Thank you for sharing, I will try it