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Disconnection Issues with Control Hub

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  • Disconnection Issues with Control Hub


    For the past week, we have been having issues with the Control Hub. During TeleOp or Autonomous, the Control Hub fully disconnects. It takes a while before we can connect back. The control hub doesn't turn off, just crashes. Does anyone know how to fix this or have had similar problems?


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    Can you define what "fully disconnects" and "crashes" mean in this context?
    Is the Driver Station connect to the Control Hub over WiFi or is the WiFi connection lost?
    Are there any errors that show on the Driver Station?
    What is the blink pattern on the Control Hub LED when this behavior exhibits itself?
    Do you know what the condition of the battery you are using is (low voltage, fully charged, etc)?


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      P0W3R_ZURG3 Could it be possibly an electrical/wiring issue? Are you able to share a copy of your log file and tell us the approximate time of the disconnect? Does it look like the Control Hub is rebooting (and as a result takes a while to recover as it reboots)?


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        RevRobotics We would be running our Teleop, and we would still remain connected to the wifi from DS and Computer, but it says disconnected from Wifi. The blink pattern alternates betweem blue and green, there are no errors anywhere. The battery is near full.


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          P0W3R_ZURG3 Would it be possible to get a copy of your Control hub's log file? Instructions for downloading the log file can be found at the following link


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            C-3PO here are two logs, straight after the crashes.