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"no voltage sensor" when using OpenCV-Repackaged with Control Hub

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  • "no voltage sensor" when using OpenCV-Repackaged with Control Hub

    Have had a few teams over REV's email support having the symptom of "no voltage sensor" on their Control Hub when connected to a Driver Station.

    From the logs these teams sent over the issue is with a 3rd-party library that they are using OpenCV-repackaged. Most likely being used with either EasyOpenCV or DogeCV, which both use OpenCV-repackaged. To confirm that this is the error you can take the Control Hub and connect it to an HDMI display. An error message that says “ was not found. Please copy it to the FIRST folder on the internal storage” will appear.

    Our software team is working with the creator of OpenCV-repackaged to fix this issue in the future. In the meantime, teams experiencing this problem need to download the following file, and put it in the FIRST folder on your Control Hub (This PC\Control Hub\Internal Storage\FIRST) by connecting it to a PC.

    File needed is here:

    If you are having issues with your Control Hub sending a description along with the Robot Log files to us at REV will help to debug the issue.

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    There is a new release (4.1.0-B) of OpenCV-repackaged that fixes this issue. There is also a new release of EasyOpenCV(1.3.1) that uses the new release of OpenCV-repackaged. DogeCV has not yet been updated.