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  • Display Webcam View on DS

    We used the RC phone to check alignment and for debugging Vuforia & TensorFlow, but of course the control hub has no display screen. How do we switch the webcam output to show on the driver station instead? It looks like it can be passed when creating the VuforiaLocalizer, but I don't know how to find the resource id for the DS.

    We found the "Camera Stream" option during init, but need to see it while running an OpMode as well. Thanks!

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    If the camera stream during init option doesn't suite your needs, probably your best option is going to be scrcpy. It's essentially VNC over ADB (and works over wireless ADB).


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      Thank you. It's unfortunate there is not a setting or simple way to do this...

      We are not far enough into this year's code yet to know how important this will be, but I can't imagine doing something like Skystone without seeing exactly what was happening when searching the stones during autonomous. Kids spent a lot of time on the floor, following the robot & watching the screen to determine the best speeds, angles, settings to detect the skystones that year.


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        Last year my team used FTC Dashboard

        This allowed them to view camera and have variables that they could tune in real-time.
        Our one programmer would use it to start/stop opmodes too. So he could test his code using just the programming computer and wouldn't even touch the driver's station.


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          +1 For FTC Dashboard


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            FTC Dashboard has been on our "To-Research" list; maybe its time has come. Thanks!