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Driver Phone message: Problem with "SCD"

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  • Driver Phone message: Problem with "SCD"

    I have been working to get a Webcam working on the Robot Controller (using Android Studio) using the latest versions of FTC software and using EasyOpenCV with library I finally got it working, but somewhere during the process, I started seeing an orange warning message on the Driver Station phone that states: Problem with "SCD". So far, I have not been able to determine what this means or where it is coming from. Anyone know what this is?

    Ed Holder - Software Mentor for team 7842 - Browncoats.

    Using Rev Robotics Control Hub (app version 7.0).
    Using Moto phone (app version 7.0.1).
    Use Rev Hardware client to update phone and control hub.
    Turned on logging but didn't see anything that seemed troubling or related in the log file.
    Reposted this here, since some stickies said this was the "new" and "correct" place to post.

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    I figured this out. The robot config on the phone had named the Color/Distance sensor "SCD". Apparently that device is giving us some problems.