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  • Unexpected system update

    Today, 3 of our phones interrupted our practice with a message that they had a system update downloaded and they wanted to install. All of our phones have the sim cards pulled, airplane mode on, and any wifi networks that we used to do the initial setup were forgotten.

    Is there some other way the phones could have gotten this update?

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    I am not sure but the phones may have received the system update while the network was enable to get to the Google Playstore to download the FTC driver station and FTC robot controller programs.

    BTW, I have accepted the KitKat system update and have been operating fine with it for 3 sets of phones for the past few weeks. But, I cannot guarantee that you will not have a problem so if you

    accept the system update you are doing it at your own risk.
    Marc Center FTC8927 Head Coach / Eng Mentor Royal Oak, MI


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      some more info...

      It's been at least a couple of weeks since the phones were connected to Google play, and one of the phone was the robot controller, which wouldn't have needed a connection to Google play.

      After taking a closer look at one of the phones before the update actually started, the update is from Boost. Could their phones be set to somehow get an update without a sim card?