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    Hi, our team decided this year to use an external instead of the phone's camera. We have this camera:
    We were wondering how the connection between the camera, phone and the Rev Expansion Hub (We are using two of them) works. We are also using ZTE phones. We have seen posts in the forums that talk about using powered USB Hubs and non-powered Hub. Since this is our first time doing something like this, we were wondering what would be the best way to connect the phone, camera, and expansion hub.

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    Hi, If found the solution, could you please share with us? we are struggling to attach USB cam with USB hub to Rev expansion Hub. Your guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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      Hi, we were wondering if anyone has a solution for this?


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        The basic idea is this: plug the RC phone into a powered USB hub (you'll need a powered up with the C920), then plug both the Expansion Hub and the C920 webcam into the powered USB hub. As described in the amended rules, the powered USB hub can draw its power either from a USB battery pack or from the 5V takeoff of the Expansion Hub.

        Did that answer your question?


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          We've done this, but there's no camera appearing in our configuration file. That's the part we're struggling with - how do we recognize and test the camera, especially when we are using blocks, because Vuforia only gives us a front and back option.


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            Nevermind for us - the USB hub was set up incorrectly. We got it all to work, and the correct blocks showed up