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    We are in a big hole here. I know all the things I should have done as a mentor. Two of our schools phones walked off yesterday. They are Nexus 5's. When I showed up to start class today we were missing the RC from two different sets. Is there any chance that the DS when paired has some memory of the other phone's IMEI number? Neither phone has a google account currently signed in so Android Device Manager isn't useful. And since we have no leads the school isn't just jumping at the opportunity to look through a full day's worth of surveillance footage. Other than hoping teenagers are dumb and will talk we are up a creek. And out several hundred dollars.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

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    Sorry to hear of your woes. It has happened to schools in our area too.

    If it helps, you can get new Moto E4 phones for $54 here: Note the "LOVE2019" 20% off code to get them at this price.


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      Thanks for the code.

      Do other teams use tracking apps, a common team google account for ADM or other measures?
      I guess write down the IMEI number and store it. You could have a team google account and use ADM as long as no one knows to log you out. But since none of the devices have mobile carriers anyone can walk off with it and go set up a BYOD plan. Do any tracking apps work without an established carrier?

      I guess I'm just trying to figure out what to do with our other phones. Maybe we can put together a PSA for other teams before state.