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Moto G5 Plus - Not retaining WIFI Direct settigs

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  • chaosbuster
    Ditto to all the suggestions above by Westside. My emphasis would be for BOTH phones to:
    1. Forget all regular Wi-Fi networks
    2. Set Airplane Mode ON, Wi-Fi ON
    Set the pairing through the FTC apps, not the phone's WiFI settings.

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  • Westside

    My Moto G5 Plus phones (model XT1687) pair normally in the 8.0 RC and DS apps. After power cycles, the phones auto-pair upon opening the apps.

    This is the expected behavior, whether 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. Also should work at Android 7.0, although both of my phones auto-updated long ago to Android 8.1.0. This was released by Motorola in September 2018. Optional to keep trying to allow yours to update (needs internet connection) -- may take multiple attempts on different days.

    Your note didn't mention how you initially paired the phones. Always pair from the DS app, Settings menu, with the RC app open. If instead you paired via the phone's Android settings, suggest clearing all those Wi-Fi Direct remembered groups etc. (on both phones) and starting fresh with the FTC apps.

    And, review all the basics:

    - no SIM card

    - Forget all regular Wi-Fi networks

    - Remove Account (Google account)

    - uninstall apps not needed for FTC

    - Airplane Mode ON, Wi-Fi ON

    - Location ON

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  • kbae2018
    started a topic Moto G5 Plus - Not retaining WIFI Direct settigs

    Moto G5 Plus - Not retaining WIFI Direct settigs

    We have brand-new Motorola G5 phones. They have Android 7.0 and Moto no longer supports OS updates.

    We are able to pair the Driver Station phone with the Robot Controller phone, but when the phones power off, they lose (forget) their WiFi Direct settings.

    (They also lose the connection when we plug the RC phone into the Expansion Hub and when we plug a joystick into the DS phone, but we are still researching that issue.)

    Does anyone know of a solution?
    Is anyone else having this problem?