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    Originally posted by FTC13259
    Subject: Balancing Stone location during Pre-Match set up

    Q1: If the balancing stone does not appear to be at the intersection of the four mats-can a team asked the referees to adjust the balancing stone location?

    Q2: Should the response be that the balancing stone is within the 1 inch variation- and the balancing stone is not moved? Should field reset personnel always check this intersection?
    A1: As soon as possible during pre-match setup, the Drive Team should alert a Referee, FTA, or FTAA if a Balancing Stone appears to be out of position. The FTA and FTAA are responsible for repairing the Playing Field and it is likely that they will assess and correct the position as appropriate. Referees may also adjust the position of the Balancing Stone. Keep in mind that rule <G25> specifies that the Playing Field and Game Elements will start each Match with tolerances that may vary by as much as +/- 1.0 inch. Teams should design their Robots accordingly. Ultimately, the Head Referee is responsible for approving the Playing Field Match Setup and applying rule <G25>.

    A2: The Field Reset Guide states that Field Reset volunteers are responsible for quickly and correctly restoring the Playing Field back to the original pre-Match setup so that a new Match can begin. The locations of the Balancing Stones are specified in the Playing Field Setup Guide and should be checked by Field Personnel during the field reset process. Referees oversee this process and are tasked with assuring that the Playing Field has been reset properly. Drive Teams that observe a Playing Field element that is not set up correctly or that may be outside the rule <G25> tolerance should notify a Referee, FTA, or FTAA in a polite and timely fashion.


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      Originally posted by FTC8045
      Subject: AntiStatic Spray for Supers and Worlds

      Q: Hi,

      Could you inform us as to the current policy and if FIRST is planning on using antistatic sprays on tournament fields for Super Regionals and World Events? We thought in years past use was consistent between regions and worlds. As the glyphs have a large surface area we expect the use of antistatic sprays will greatly affect game play. A quick answer (before Super Regionals ) would be greatly appreciated.
      A: Each Super Regional will use their own discretion whether or not to use antistatic spray or water to mitigate static. This will be communicated to teams attending the event.

      The World Championship in Houston will not treat the fields for static as long as the relative humidity is appropriate to not cause robot issues. Fields in Detroit will be sprayed initially, and will be monitored to determine if additional treatments are needed throughout the event.