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    Originally posted by FTC5501
    Subject: Glyph Placement

    Q: In the beginning of the match will the glyphs all be stacked upright, no more than 3 rows high, or can some of them be laying on their corners?
    A: Per section 7-1 of the Field Assembly Guide, the Glyphs will be randomly placed. The Glyphs can be in any orientation, as long as they do not exceed 3 Glyphs tall.
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      Originally posted by FTC12601
      Subject: Size of Border Recovery Zone Mat

      Q: We are trying to build a recovery zone mat. What is the width of the border from the edge of the mat to the black border line?
      A: The width of the border from the edge of the mat is approximately 1 inch. This can vary by a couple of centimeters from mat to mat.
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        Originally posted by FTC13499
        Subject: Pictograph file location

        Q: The game set from AndyMark does not include the pictograph design cards. Can anyone tell me where I can get them?
        A: The Pictographs are located on the Game and Season page on
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          Originally posted by FTC12841
          Subject: Field Safe Zone Measurements

          Q: In Game Manual 2, Page 13, a Safe Zone (Triangle) is listed as 36in x 24in, but in the field setup guide, page 15, its listed as 30in x 24in. Please Clarify.
          A: Hi FTC12841,

          Thank you for bringing this discrepancy to our attention. Both the Game Manual Part 2 and the Field Setup Guide have been corrected. The official measurement is 32in x 24in. You can find both of the updated documents here:


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            Originally posted by FTC6220
            Subject: Pictograph Size

            Q: When I print the Pictograph PDF files, I get different sizes and centerings depending on which of the several programs I can open them from I use. I am not trying to adjust the scaling. What features on a pictograph can I measure, and what value should I get, to decide which program is printing correctly?

            John Fraser, Coach, FTC 6220
            A: When printing the Pictograph, make sure that the print setting is set to "Actual Size" to prevent Adobe from adjusting the scale of the image. For reference, the thick black border on the bottom of the Pictograph should measure 6.625 inches wide.
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              Originally posted by FTC5664
              Subject: Taping Balancing Stone Instructions

              Q: I'm looking for a picture of how to wrap the balancing stone platforms around the sharp edges. How much of the 2-inch gaffers tape is to be wrapped over the top edge of platform? The tape has a rougher surface than the platform, so the tape is going to make it easier for robots with slick or smooth tires to grip the platform and drive up on it.
              A: The Field Setup Guide and Field Assembly Guide have been updated and provide instructions on how to apply tape to the edges of the balancing stones. Per the image, the tape should be evenly placed on the top and bottom of the balancing stone.


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                Originally posted by FTC9978
                Subject: Jewel Orientation

                Q: During field setup or reset, what orientation should the jewels be placed. Since these are wiffle balls they have holes in distinct places and could interfere with detection by a sensor in close proximity. (close proximity is required in order to detect the color) The setup guide doesn't address this nor does the rule book.
                A: There is no defined orientation of the placement of the Jewel itself when placed on the Jewel holder. The orientation of the Jewel pair is randomized by the roll of a die, and the location (e.g. blue on right, or red on right) is defined in Appendix G in the Game Manual Part 2.


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                  Originally posted by FTC9978
                  Subject: Pictograph Placement

                  Q: FYI: In the field setup guide, the placement isn't clear. But in the rule book it does show that they are to be placed on the outside of the wall and 1.5 inches up from the outside floor. It does not say that in the setup guide.
                  A: Thank you for letting us know. We will release a new revision of the Field Setup Guide at a later date. The Game Manual Part 2, Appendix F, accurately references that these should be hung on the outside of the field perimeter to avoid being damaged by robots during match play.


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                    Originally posted by FTC6055
                    Subject: Printing Pictographs

                    Q: We would like to confirm the exact positioning of the Pictograph on the page it is printed on. Figure F-6 on the Game Manual Part 2 shows the pictograph centered on the page, yet when we printed out the Pictograph at the correct size according to forum answer #6 on the Field Setup - Answers Forum, the image was approximately 1/2" off the center of the page to the left. Since the space between the jewels is so tight, we would like clarification on this if possible. Should the Pictograph be centered on the page or not?
                    A: The Pictographs should be printed as is, per the PDF on our game page These images should not be scaled or altered in any way. The print setting should be "Actual Size" when printing from the Adobe PDF.


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                      Originally posted by FTC8045
                      Subject: Init Mode/Field Setup Protocol

                      Q1: Are we allowed to initialize Vuforia during the init mode?

                      Q2: We realize that the jewels and Vumarks are randomized after we have placed and initialized our robots. Are random Jewels or Vumarks expected to be on the field during setup prior to randomization? If they are not, are we allowed to ask field personnel to place them?
                      A1: Yes

                      A2: There are no rules that state the Pictographs are to remain on the field from the previous match for the next match setup. This may be the case at some events, while others may choose to remove the pictographs as part of field reset. Per the Field Reset Guide, Red Jewels are placed on the left and Blue Jewels on the right when resetting the field.
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                        Originally posted by FTC12514
                        Subject: Gaffer Tape on Balancing Stone

                        Q: Can you confirm that the fields at competition will be required to be set up using the updated field set up guide which requires that the balancing stone edges be taped over to protect against wearing and the development of sharp corners? In the event that a tournament did not use the updated field set up guide, could a team ask that the edges be taped using the updated guide as a basis for that request? The concern is that the addition of the tape might have a slight impact on the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the approach our team is using to get onto the balancing stone and we want to be sure that the conditions we are using to test under in our workshop will be the same conditions encountered in competition. we are a rookie team and just want to be sure that we understand how changes like this are handled.
                        A: Official events are required to tape the Balancing Stones. These steps are outlined in both the Field Assembly Guide and the Field Setup Guide.


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                          Originally posted by FTC8045

                          Subject: Field Setup Follow Up

                          Q1: Thank you for the Vuforia initialization clarification. We have been planning via the field setup document, ( ) This directs the jewels to be present on the field during reset with a red on the left, your clarification seems to contradict that document?

                          Q2: The field setup guide unfortunately doesn't mention the VuMarks/Pictographs. As the presence/absence of a pictograph presents a distinct advantage/dis-advantage, we hope you might be able to clarify the pregame setup of this field element.

                          Q3: Are we allowed to ask field personnel to allow to place a random Pictograph during the field setup?
                          A1: Thank you for pointing that out! Post #11 in the Field Setup section has been updated accordingly per the Field Reset Guide.

                          A2: Please see the response in the Field Setup section of the forum, post #11.

                          A3: No.


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                            Originally posted by FTC11104
                            Subject: Pictograph Measurements

                            Q: The Field Setup Guidelines state that the Pictograph needs to be placed 3" from the center line of the Jewel Holder, but the guidelines do not specify whether those 3" are measured from the edge of the image on the paper or from the edge of the paper. It would make more sense for the 3" to be measured from the edge of the image, as the Field Setup Guidelines are not different for European paper sizes, on which the image has a different placement than on U.S. standard printing paper, but we recently had an issue with this at our first League Event, so we wanted to clarify from where the 3" are measured.
                            A: The 3" measurement is based on the edge of the paper, not on the image.


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                              Originally posted by FTC7253
                              Subject: Placement of Balancing Stones

                              Q: Please provide clarification on the correct field setup of the Balancing stones. It would seem to make the most sense to follow the field setup guide - which uses tile intersections. This makes visual alignment of balance stones, jewel holders, and cryptoboxes straight forward.
                              A: Per steps 4-4 through 4-6 of the Field Setup Guide, the elevator bolt should be placed at the intersection of the four tiles. The Balancing stone is placed over the elevator bolt after the fourth tile is placed onto the field.