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    We hope that teams will read the questions and answers posted in the other parts of the forum before they post your question, but, if the question and our answer cross in the mail, a post will likely land here, in the duplicate questions forum.

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    Are we allowed to rotate the balancing stone when setting up for autonomous?


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      Is a glyph still scored if it is contact with the robot at the end of autonomous period?


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        We would like to confirm that if a robot has never moved off the balancing stone the whole game, but never declared disabled, it's still eligible to score 20 points parking on balancing stone at the end of the game.
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          Is the team allowed to turn the balancing stone in an orientation other than perfectly square while setting up the robot to begin initial match play?


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            Yesterday my team members showed me a video were a team took possession of the relic at the beginning of the TeleOp before placing any blocks in the box. The relic was held till the End Game whistle sounded, the relic was delivered and the second relic was also delivered my the same team.

            Is possessing the relic during TeleOp legal?

            Team 12975


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              Originally posted by FTC9944
              Subject: Servo Motion During Teleop Init

              Question: During the transition from autonomous to driver-controlled, will small movements caused by the robot's initialization incur a penalty? For instance, our robot's initialization causes our servos to move a negligible amount (5-10 degrees). Will this result in a penalty for our alliance?

              Answer: This is a duplicate question. See Post #7 in the "Driver Controlled Period - Answers" thread for the complete answer. Servo twitching is allowed, commanded movement to a position is not allowed.


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                Originally posted by FTC2818
                I'm concerned about whether a mid-game Cipher ruling can be overturned after the match is over.

                I have seen several instances where teams have scored the relic early after completing a cipher prior to end-game.
                I've also seen other instances where a "completed" Crypto box has been ruled incomplete due to misplaced glyphs or robot contact when the match is over. (often detailed measurements are required to determine if a glyph is scored or not) .

                Question: If a team scores the Relic prior to the endgame, and then the "completed" cipher is ruled inadmissible, will the relic score stand, and/or will there be penalties issued?


                This question was previously answered in post #15 of the "Scoring - Answers" thread.


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                  Originally posted by FTC5501
                  If our robot does not complete our entire autonomous program then a few of our servos don't move to their starting position that we want them at for the start of tele-op. If this occurs, when we initialize our tele-op code in that 8 second transition period those servos move to their starting positions. These servos moving to their starting positions do not pre-score any elements. They just open up our claws.

                  According to rule <RS04> this appears to be legal as the robot needs to be motionless "with the exception of initialization of positioning for servos". However, we wanted to get an official ruling with our situation.

                  This question was previously addressed in post #7 of the "Driver Controlled - Answers" thread.


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                    Originally posted by FTC12611
                    Is there a penalty if a robot momentarily controls more than 2 glyphs, but getting rid of it quickly.

                    For example, a Red alliance robot has one glyph in control, when it is trying to grab the second one in the glyph pit, a third glyph is sitting on top of the second glyph controlled by the Red alliance robot, Red alliance robot then shakes it off quickly. This applies to wheel intake as well, in this case, Red alliance robot quickly reverses the intake and releases the third glyph. is there a penalty in these situations?

                    These questions were previously addressed in post #24 of the "Game Play - All Match Periods - Answers" thread.


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                      In post 12 on Nov. 13th, there is a post stating that a team can't push glyphs to block a team's balancing stone preventing them from balancing during the end game.

                      In a past tournament match, we witnessed a team push glyphs against the perimeter wall in front of an opposing team's relic scoring zone. This action was done during teleop and it prevented the alliance from getting to the wall and being able to extend their relic arm across the wall and score the relics during the end game. The alliance would have scored both relics during the end game, since they had them in possession before the end game time started, but area was blocked by glyphs. Is this a legal action? If not, what is the penalty?


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                        We have a couple of scenarios during glyph scoring we went to run by you to make sure they are legal:

                        Scenario 1: If we are on the blue alliance can we move our robot over to the red alliance side and park ourselves on the open tile that is between the safe zone and taped off zone for the glyph pit? This is the safe zone of the cryptobox that is located between the balancing stones. We would not be in their safe zone and all glyphs would still be accessible by going around us to either side. The cryptobox would not be blocked either as they could access it from either side.

                        Scenario 2: If scenario 1 is legal then can we do the same thing for the other cryptobox but park ourselves on the open tile that is surrounded by the balancing stone, safe zone and glyph pit?

                        Scenario 3: If both 1 & 2 are legal then if we are implementing this strategy and a red robot decides to start scoring in the other cryptobox could we move over to the open tile and park in that tile? We aren't shadowing the robot as we are just changing the position we are parked.

                        In all scenarios we are leaving an open path for them to access the cryptobox and glyph pit. They just may not be able to go their preferred path to those areas and may have to traverse over a balancing stone to get there.


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                          Originally posted by FTC5501
                          In End Game Post #8 you mentioned it was legal for a robot to park in the way of another robot with a relic. We wanted to get some clarification with this rule.

                          1. If we are on the blue alliance and we park in their way and their only path is to go over a balancing stone or around to the blue side of the field to score the relic is this legal? We would make sure that no part of their robot is within 24" of the relic scoring zone.

                          2. In regards to clear path does a clear path mean open field tiles or can a clear path include traversing over balancing stones and having to go to the other alliance side of the field?

                          The gist of these questions concerns using the Balancing Stone as an open path of travel. This question was previously addressed in the "Driver Controlled Period - Answers Thread" post #3.


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                            Originally posted by FTC9921
                            During few meets and qualifier our team witnessed several team was able to calibrate Gyro and vuforia app once the robots were placed on balancing stone. As long as it didn't resulted in delay of the game as per the game rules i believe the refs were fine with it. based on that our question is.

                            1) If our team runs a quick program prior to init stage to calibrate Gyro and vuforia and also use few sensors mounted inside the 18X18 robot body without extending any device to align the optimum robot placement manually with hands without any delay of the game or use of any assistance from another member of the team off the field would that will be allowed ?


                            This question was previously addressed in the "Pre-Match - Answers" thread, posts #10 and #14. During setup, Drive Teams may run OpModes, use Vuforia, calibrate sensors, and use sensors as alignment aids.