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Dean's List Rules - Answers

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  • Dean's List Rules - Answers

    Answers to your questions about the Dean's List will be found in this section.

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    Originally posted by FTC12974
    Subject: Dean's List Finalist

    Q: One of my students has been selected as a Dean's List Finalist for Georgia FTC. I understand that his nomination will now move on to the World Championship in Houston this April. I don't believe that he has to be present at this event - our team has not advanced past the State Championship, so unless we get selected out of lottery we won't be going there as a team. However, would it be worth his time to attend on his own with his parents? That is, are there events planned for Dean's List Finalists?
    A: All Dean's List Finalists are invited to Championship. The Championship event they attend (Houston or Detroit) depends on the team location as well as where they advance from, if they are attending Championship to complete with their team. At each event, there is a Dean's List Luncheon for all of the Finalists and one chaperone, where approximately half of the winners of the award will be announced. Students do not need to be present to win the award.

    Dean's List Finalists attending the event without their team can also opt to volunteer. If they wish to do so, they will just need to indicate they are attending the luncheon. Any specific questions about the details of the event for Finalists can be sent to [email protected].