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    Originally posted by FTC12831

    Subject: Rev Robotics Blinkin LED Driver

    Hi, is the Rev Robotics Blinkin LED Driver ( a legal part? It is powered by the Rev Controller XT30 connector and is used to drive LED strips like (

    Answer: No. Under the current rules, the device would be considered "Additional Electronics" and be disallowed by <RE17>


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      Originally posted by FTC5501

      Subject: Servo Power Board

      Is this a legal part to help create an easy connection point on long servo runs?

      Answer: No. This falls under <RE17> Additional electronics and is not allowed.


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        Originally posted by FTC4042

        Subject: Using 2nd Power Switch To Control LEDs

        Question: We were wondering if it would be possible to attach an additional switch to our robot to power on and off our LEDs (so they do not have to be on all the time). Question 1: can we use a normal off the shelf switch to control them or does that violate rule <RE17> prohibiting additional electronics? Question 2: If this is not possible, can we use another legal power switch under rule <RE01> which is clearly labeled as not robot power and is hidden inside the robot? Thanks.

        Team 4042

        Answer: No. The power switches allowed are effectively part of the safety equipment for a robot. Any possibility of the switch being confused with the main robot power switch is an unacceptable risk. Currently, no other switches would be allowed for this application.


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          Originally posted by FTC12676

          Subject: LED from Digital I/O port on REV Expansion Hub

          Q: Can we drive one LED from Digital output port for indicating status of program?

          A: No. <RE12> lists the allowed control and power connections for LED's.


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            Originally posted by FTC4634

            Subject: Adafruit LCD

            Q: Can we use this I2C LCD display on the robot ( or would it fall under the "other electronics" rule and thus be not allowed?.

            A: This would fall in the the general category of "other electronics" and not be allowed.


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              Originally posted by FTC5110
              Subject: Lasers
              Rule <RE12> permits lights sources but disallows focusing in any way.
              Q: Is an unfocused Class 1 laser source permitted?

              A: No. Lasers are inherently focused light sources and are explicitly not allowed by RE12


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                Originally posted by FTC4634

                Subject: Custom case for the REV Hub PCB

                Would it be allowed to remove the PCB from the REV Hub and place it into a custom 3-D printed case? No electrical modifications to the PCB would be made.

                A: No. This is not an allowed modification of electronics per RE15.


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                  Originally posted by FTC6055

                  Subject: Replace Vocer to Servo Power Module

                  We are using the Rev servo power module. While installing and removing many servo wires have been damaged due to the tight fit on the cover. we would like to replace the cover with a similar 3D printed cover we designed. is this allowed? The electronics would not be changed in any way. Thank you.

                  A: No. This is not an allowed modification of electronics per RE15.


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                    Originally posted by FTC6055

                    Subject: Simple Digital Voltmeter

                    We have been using the Adafruit digital volt meter on our robot during practice and it has made seeing whether the batteries are running low a lot easier. We would like to know if this is legal to use on the robot during competition. Thank you very much!

                    A: Yes. The voltmeter is effectively just an intelligent LED.


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                      Originally posted by FTC6220

                      Subject: Grounding the Robot

                      Rule <RG01>.i prohibits parts and mechanisms "designed to electrically ground the Robot Frame to the Playing Field," and a previous forum answer indicated that a part or mechanism that grounds the Robot Frame to the Playing Field is legal if that is not it's design purpose. However, the tenth item in the Robot Inspection Checklist asks the inspector to confirm that the "Robot does not contain elements that electrically ground the Robot frame to the Playing Field," without regard to design intent. The Robot Inspectors appear to be being asked to judge to a different criterion than the rules intend.

                      A: There is no conflict here. Inspectors have always been looking for items on a robot that are intended solely to provide a grounding of the robot to the playing field surface. The short-hand language that is included in the inspection checklist does not define what the inspectors are looking for (the rules and the inspector training manual do).